Part 6: page.php

First of all, I want you to open this file so you can follow the tutorial: page.txt. Now let’s get to it.

Page.php is similar with index.php, sigle.php and 404.php because it shows the content of your page. So the styling should be similar. In my page.php there are some codes used for plugins. I leave them there because I want for me to get easier if I ever decide to install those plugins.

Section 1:
In this section we have the code that will link page.php to header.php and a code that will get you page content.

Section 2:
We have here the title, and the start of the div for the content background.

Section 3:
In this section I have codes for some plugins.
The first one is for the breadcrumbs plugin that will show you the path to the page. For example Home » Content » Tutorials » Understanding WordPress Themes . It’s a nice plugin because people can easy come back to a previous page.
The second code is for the page views plugin. You can choose to display how many times your pages have been visited. It’s really nice too.

Section 4:
This is where the code for your content will be. Also here are the close divs for the contentbox and content sections. Also here we have a code that will get the comments template if you decide to activate comments on your page. At the end of the file we have the code that will link the page.php to the footer.php file.

And that’s it. We move on to 404.php which is very similar to this.