Shatter Effect Graphic

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to do shatter effect graphic. I am a fan of this technique and I decided to make a tutorial for you so you can apply it to your graphics. I am going to use this image:

Open your image in Photoshop. Then right click on the layer and select Duplicate Layer.

Now select the duplicated layer and go to Filter » Liquify

Start dragging the picture edged using the cursor. Also you can change the brush size to have a desired effect. This is how mine looks like:

Now go to the layers panel and add a layer mask on the duplicated layer:

The next step is to select the layer mask. You can either select the layer or the layer mask.

Now that we selected the layer mask we have to fill it with black color. Once you do that the picture will disappear. The we will select the brush tool and set the color to white. You will need some brushes. DOWNLOAD THESE BRUSHES. THESE WILL GIVE YOU THE SHATTER EFFECT YOU WANT. You can start adding the brushes in the layer mask (don’t forget to use white color).

As you can see now it doesn’t look so good. I want to get rid of some excess of the brushes. So I am going to take the brush tool, set the color to black, choose the rounded brushes (they are your first brushes in the brushes window) and start removing the excess until it looks good (!You can use the shatter brushes to remove the excess. This will add extra shatter to your image. Just work with the brushes until it looks better).

Now I am going to repeat the steps from before and add more shatter, then erase the excess until I get the desired look of my image.

This is my image. Now right click on the layer mask and select apply layer mask.

Now let’s duplicate the layer with the mask on and move it around so we can fill the empty spaces.

Let’s delete the excess we don’t want. Also you can repeat this step is you think that it doesn’t looks good. This is what I’ve got after erasing the excess and duplicating the layer two times.

The next step is to add some colors and effects on the photo. Right click on one layer and select Merge visible. Now create a new layer, choose the brush tool and choose the rounded brush, set the hardness to 0px and the size around 400px (it depends of the size of your image) and start adding some colors. I chose yellow and orange because they work good with this picture colors.

I will set the opacity of the layer to 70 and the blending mode to Overlay.

Right click on one of the layers and select Flatten Image. Now go to Image » Adjustments » Brightness/Contrast and set it like this:

Then go to Image » Adjustments » Color Balance and set it like this:

Add some text on it and you are done.