Make cutouts

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make your own cutouts.

First open the image. Zoom in your image at about 1200% or even more (it depends of the size of the image). You want a clear view of the edges of the cutout you want to make. Now choose the Polygonal Lasso Tool.

Now start selecting near the edges of the image. You want to go a little inside the image to get rig of the color mix up between the edges of the image and the background:

Go around the entire cutout edges and the you will have a selection:

Click Ctrl+C to copy the image. Create a new image by clicking Ctrl+N and the paste the cutout onto this new image (it will automatically create a new layer) by using Ctrl+V.

Now, as you can see we have to correct a few things. Take the Polygonal Lasso Tool and go around the edges that aren’t cutout clean and select the excess you want to get rid of.

Press Delete on your keyboard. No go to layers panel and hide the background.

Save your image with the .png extension and you are done. Here is my result: