Why Facebook is trying too hard

Posted on: May 10th, 2017, in Social Media.

I am a daily user of Facebook. I love the idea of having the world at the tips of my fingers, but sometimes Facebook comes up with updates that drive me crazy and makes its use a bit unpleasant for me. Please keep in mind that this is my personal opinion, maybe some of you really find a good use of these features.

I am using Facebook mostly on my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge running Android 7.0 and I have the latest updates installed on the Facebook App and the Messenger App. I wanted to specify this because I think that the apps differ a little on iPhone or if you don’t have the latest updates installed.

My day

I love Snapchat for the idea of posting pictures that automatically delete after 24h and the fact that the application gives you permission to see them only for a few seconds. When Instagram took over this idea I thought that is a good thing because Instagram is a social network for visual media. Even though I don’t use this feature of Instagram very much, I don’t dislike it. But since the idea was so popular, Facebook decided to add it to the Messenger app. It was weird for me, because I use Facebook for getting my news, information and chatting, but I don’t disagree with it, I sometimes use it too. Too bad that with this feature they changed the old Messenger display which I loved. Then, they decided to add it on the Facebook app too, which for me it was way too much. It doesn’t sync with the Messenger app, so you post different pictures basically everywhere and people use it way more frequently on Messenger there than here. It is very annoying because it takes up space on the screen and it is clearly a sign that Facebook is trying way too much.

The Messenger app changed

It was a great idea to merge the Messenger with SMS. I use it and it’s very easy for me to have both SMS and Facebook chats in the same app. The problem I have with it is that since they added My day to the app, to access my SMS messages I only have a small button between a very large search box and my profile picture it’s very hard to touch it. The overall design of the app should be reconsidered to make it easy to utilize or maybe add a option to customize it.


I love reactions. When I first saw them on posts, I was very happy. It’s more engaging into the whole Facebook experience, but the fact that they added it as an option for comments and inside chats for messages. Instead of doing they they should really consider adding a dislike button. If used correctly it could help us which content is good quality and whic is bad (we all know how much irrelevant information or hateful messages there are on Facebook).


When I first saw this feature I thought that Facebook will separate all the video content from my feed, but unfortunately they didn’t. I can find videos both on my normal newsfeed and in the video section, so it makes it useless for me. Also, videos take up a lot of mobile data taffic so is less likely people watch them that much, the focus mainly on the articles and pictures. So, if they would properly separate videos from text/pictures I would find it useful, but since it doesn’t, I really find it useless.

These are the major things I dislike on Facebook and things that make me think that they are really trying too hard. Don’t get me wrong, they are new and innovative features, and since social media is a big part of our life, it’s normal to try and make it more appealing, but Facebook should really reconsider some of them.

I am curious if you agree with me? What annoys you the most about Facebook and what do you think they should change? Let me know in the comments below.

first off i want to say i am loving the new site look! its so cute and minimalist and easy to use. also thanks for commenting on my update as well.

now to the post! i am not a super Facebook user, like i’ll check it, post a few things, share some things and responds to messages but I’m not addicted to it. but i agree its like they are adding so many features and little things that its all becoming a bit confusing or just pointless, like less is more. i think as popular as the site is they don’t have to try so hard to add new or similar features from other apps like snapchat or instgram, like let those apps have their own unique features thats specifically for them and suits that app.

i mean Facebook is Facebook. damn near everyone uses it from young to old. i agree with you 100% lol i swear overtime i log on its always something new or have been moved around and I’m like what the heck lol then i have to figure out what it does or the point of it is. Facebook is trying to make things so easy they’re making it more complicated at times.

i get changing things and adding new and better features but it seems like every little feature or update they have they do it. like not every idea is a good idea.

Posted on May 11th, 2017, at 12:58 AM by brandi.

oh also i followed you on instagram! lol forgot to mention that if you can follow me back! @brandithearitst. i look forward to connecting with you and looking forward to awesome photo post!

~ stay cool

Posted on May 11th, 2017, at 4:01 PM by Lucien.

When I read things like these, I’m always very glad to not be on Facebook and it’s one more reason for me not to join it. :/

Said that, I hear you; changes like that are annoying, especially when they look an over-filled mess and complicate things for the users….all in the name of competition among socials. -_-

Posted on May 11th, 2017, at 4:04 PM by Lucien.

I actually don’t really know if I have to “finish” the layout; I have like a couple of designs ready to choose from, but I’m not sure I like them that much so I might end up actually making a brand new design. :p

Posted on May 11th, 2017, at 9:38 PM by Maroon Caludin.

I rarely use FaceBook these days. I’m more for Twitter. And mostly use both for just keeping up with news on various fandoms of mine. I haven’t really used it much lately so not up to date with the changes. I do however, love the reactions thing. I thought that was awesome that they added that!

Posted on May 11th, 2017, at 10:44 PM by Jamie.

First off, I’m definitely loving the new theme. It’s very minimal and actually loving the colors you’ve chosen.

Like you, I’m an avid Facebook user and have been since a church member of mine years ago added me on Facebook and told me face to face (apparently, I had created one years ago when it was first built and forgotten that I had done so). Ever since he reminded me of Facebook, I have been using it like crazy and actually reconnecting with high school friends as well as my mom (I reconnected with her through a friend of hers thanks to a certain group her friend and I had belonged to, crazy huh?). Honestly, I think Facebook has made people a bit ignorant and lazy in terms of grammar.

I do admire the fact that they’re updating and making it more user friendly, and I also love the fact that they have made it to where instead of just liking someone’s comment you can actually use the emoji’s like you could on the posts. I’m just wondering when they’ll be done with the constant updates? Ya know? It’s getting tiresome.

Posted on May 12th, 2017, at 6:11 AM by Michelle.

I don’t understand the day thing on either Instagram or Facebook because I usually do nothing on my days XD Save for being with Marley and so I guess I’ll spam my friends with Marley and whatnot. I opted out of the SMS features of Facebook chat aka messenger. I have an Iphone so I don’t care about those features but I guess the messenger separate from the Facebook app is okay. I just can’t get notifications because it slows down my phone a lot, which I do hate. I like that they are updating but the auto play of videos is annoying.

Posted on May 12th, 2017, at 12:52 PM by Lysianthus.

Hello, Cristina!

First of all, I wish I liked Facebook more to be able to relate to your post! Hahaha. 😄 I barely use Facebook, if at all. I wanted my social media to be an escape from real life to be able to relax and be myself more, but since on Facebook, everybody there is practically someone I know or someone who knows me (relatives, friends, people from school, etc.), it’s very hard to do that, and it seems so crowded all the time. 😅 Even then, I feel like these days, every other social networking website tries to mimic each other! They all now have these functionalities that sometimes almost looked like they just copied from their competitors. 🤔 And some of these features aren’t even really that necessary, or even coincide with what the website was originally for.

Also, the new layout looks great! I love the really clean style, and it emphasizes your blog posts a lot, which is the best thing a good layout should be able to do. Great work! 😊