What I’ve been doing lately

Posted on: February 4th, 2017, in Life, School.

It’s getting harder and harder to balance this blog with my life, but who says I have to post daily? This past month I’ve been trying to focus my attention on school. I’m currently in Cardiology rotation and I’ve been loving it. I guess, if I love it so much I could actually focus on it. I want to read as much as possible about the subject and get as much information I can on the matter.

Other than school I didn’t do much. I went out a few times, I had some friends over and I tried to relax as much as I could. Also, I continued going to therapy and it makes me question so many things, but I am on a good path. I am finally starting to reevaluate everything and find the answers I need, o heal old wounds and accept myself as I am. It takes a lot of time, a lot of hard work but it’s worth it. I want to be a mentally healthy young adult with some set in stone principles, beliefs and thinking. And all these things can’t be offered by anyone else than myself. I know all the answers I need and all the faith and hope come from within. I am the only one who can make my life better.

Also, a few of my favorite TV shows aired this month. Some of them I watched, some of them are on my waiting list. I have to much TV Shows to watch, but I just can’t get the time. I managed to watch the new episodes from Suits, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy but I still have to watch Sherlock – Season 4. Also on my list are TV Shows like Game of Thrones (I am currently at season 5), Narcos, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Mr. Robot . If you want to know what I am watching or planning to watch check out my Sidereel Calendar Profile. It’s a grat website to keep track of the TV Shows you’re watching.

In the last two weeks we have a political crisis in Romania. I guess all of you have seen the news of massive protests and the attack on democracy that is going on in my country. I spend a lot of time watching the news and reading public opinions and laws to really understand the matter. It’s sad, that after years fights against corruption and economic evolution in this country, we are at risk to loose everything we obtained through hard fight and sacrifice. It break my heart and I hope that things will turn out to a good outcome, because if not, I am really scared for this country’s future. If you want to learn more about what’s happening here you can read more about it here.

There have been so many people at the protests(around 200.000-300.000 every night). Last night I decided to go too. And I will also go in the future days, because I don’t want to watch how our country is being ripped apart and I do nothing. Also, I will never ever do the mistake to not go and vote. In December, when we had our elections for the Parliament, I didn’t went voting because I was supposed to travel to my hometown to do so and it’s a 5 hour trip. It was a mistake. I should’ve gone and use the only weapon I have against our corrupt politicians. I changed my ID and now I can vote here, in Bucharest. I hope people in this country will understand, how I did, how important voting is.

I will continue going on the streets with the hope that it will count and we have a future in this country. I don’t want to leave my country for a better life, I don’t want to see my parents old and sick and poor, after they worked a lifetime to contribute in this society, hoping for a better life for me than they lived. I don’t want to have kids in another country and tell them stories about this beautiful place and how I was forced to leave it behind because some individuals stole our country. I don’t want to leave my heart here to be stepped on and ripped apart by people who have no understanding of what democracy is, who have not worked a day in their lives, who only know how to steal money from our working people and have no trouble sleeping at night in their palaces while our young adults don’t have any chance of living a better life, our elders are starving and dying because they can’t afford food and medicines and our kids don’t stand a chance for a better future. I want my country to be a better chance, I want my country to invest in it’s people so we can contribute back into making this place better. I want a country where it’s not legal to steal money from tax payers, I want a country where our politicians are trying to fight for us, where they care for us and for our future. And least but not last, I want a country where politician understand that they work for us not the other way around.

I hope this country will not lose it’s dignity, democracy, heart and soul. That’s why I will be on the streets. To fight for Romania.

Also, I want to share with a song that one of our Romanian artist made for these awful days we are going through. It’s a song about the 10 days until the law they signed it’s going to be applied. I know you can’t understand Romanian, but I am going to translate the lyrics for you. You can listen to the song and feel the emotion in it. Sincerely, it makes me cry and it’s true. If our country would be a person that would be her cry for help.

If Romania could talk, I think she will say something like this:

I only have ten days left to live
My children, you should know that I loved you
I only have nine days left and then
I will be fallen in the mud again
I only have eight days left to shout
Until I will go back in the cold
I only have seven days left to stop them
The ones that sacrifice me without mercy
I only have six days left to hope
That I will not go back in the yesterday’s darkness
I only have five days left and that’s all
I will not be able to rise from the ground anymore
I only have four days left to change everything
Because my tears are Muresul and Oltul (*Mures and Olt are two great rivers in our country)
I only have three days left and no miracle
Will last more, that’s what it’s said
Unfortunately, I only have two days left
I want to see you again brother next to brother
I only have one days left and I only have one wish
Please, don’t leave me die.

I am sorry for the long post. I hope you had a great month. Until the next time, take care of you and remember to spread love and happiness <3