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Posted on: October 4th, 2016, in Week Review.
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I decided to do a blog each week where I will tell you what I’ve done in the week before. I choose this day to be Sunday, because it’s the end of the week, but since I was busy this week-end I will post it today and the next one on Sunday.

Last week was a week where I didn’t had to study. I managed to clean the entire apartment and organize every single drawer in this house and I am so happy about that because it was about time to throw away a lot of things I never used such as old clothes and paperwork. It took me a lot of time to do the whole house but in the end it was worth it.

Also my parents came visiting me. It was so nice to see them, even though we had a lot of things to do. Friday we went to Ikea and we searched for some furniture. I found a piece of furniture with four drawers for my bedroom. It was actually really cheap, around $80. I love it, because it fits perfectly in my room and now I have more space for my things as well as the fact that I have where to put my books now. After we returned from Ikea we went to a local furniture store to look for more furniture. We found that they had sales and I found a beautiful living room furniture for only $400 and I also bought a coffee table which was $150, but it’s beautiful. It has a glass surface. I still have to wait for the living room furniture, I think it will be ready on October 26th, but I am glad I found something cheap and beautiful at the same time.

After that we came home and started mounting the piece of furniture we bought from Ikea. It took us three hours to do that. I think it was my first time when I did that. It was fund, like a puzzle. I love doing puzzles. I will post pictures with them when my living room furniture will arrive.

Saturday I went with my father to the shopping mall in the hope I will find some clothes. I didn’t found much, only a pair of leggings and a jacket. I swear today’s fashion is way too much for me. I like simple and classy clothes, but in store there are a lot of weird things. Did I mention how much I hate shopping? Yeah, I hate spending hours in stores and try clothes. My back hurts like hell and I get really bored, so bored that all the excitement when I find something nice goes away in a second.

On Sunday my parents left in the morning, because they had to be at home at noon and I decided to just stay in bed and get some rest. All the shopping made me really tired.

Yesterday I had my first day of school. It was more meeting each other, because we didn’t had any classes. Let me explain how our university in organized. In our year there are like 800 people, we are divided in 15 series of people, each has like 60 members. Each series is divided in 10 groups. Me and 3 of my friends decided to form our group and move to a new series (we were tired of all the drama and the mean people in our old series). It felt a little strange yesterday because everyone knew each other and we were the new kids, but I think we will adapt. I personally know a few people from there, because I met them when I volunteered in some projects, so for me it won’t be hard. Also we are all sociable people, so we will adapt fast. Yesterday our group went to a coffee, so we can know each other better (me and my friends and there are 3 new girls in our group). The girls were so nice, I am sure we will get along very well. One of the girls I knew from before, because we went together in Slovenia this summer, she was actually my roommate. I am glad we were assigned in the same group. Also, they chose me as their group representative. I accepted, even though I am not into leading anymore, but I guess somebody has to do it.

From today the classes start, I have to pay attention and try to assimilate as much information as possible, because our exam is in four weeks. We start with Orthopedics and it lasts four weeks. After that we have our exam and we move to Pulmonology which will be eight weeks long and our exam will be right before our winter break. So yeah, I have to organize myself and try to be efficient because I will have to do a lot of things now and I can’t afford to have bad grades. I think this year will be a good one. It started good for us, I am sure I will meet a lot of new amazing people, I will learn interesting things and I will achieve a lot of things. I can’t wait.

Until next week, take care and have a nice day.

Yeah, I found an akin spirit!!
I hate shopping for clothes too, and for your same reasons: I hate spending hours trying clothes on, checking in the mirror if they look fine (and the ones you like most rarely do), etc.; thank God I have near to zero occasions to dress up for, so I don’t have to go shopping that often….but it’s an entirely different matter if we talk about bags, sneakers and above all tech and movies. :P Especially tech and movies (DVDs, computers, programs, computer accessories, etc.). I can spend hours browsing those and never get tired. :D

Posted on October 4th, 2016, at 11:09 PM by Maroon Caludin.

Cleaning is a pain, but I always feel so good afterwards!

Yay for lots of new furniture. It all sounds lovely!

Never was huge on clothes shopping, though a little more into it then I used to. It can be so hard to find clothes! The styles are usually so weird. They seem to be going with a hippie type style this year. For once its something I actually like. But, I hate trying stuff on!

Sounds like school is off to a really good start too!

Posted on October 5th, 2016, at 3:39 AM by Adrianne.

When I was in middle school/high school, I used to get nitpicky with the fashion trends that some of my friends and classmates often wore, but back then, my family and I weren’t exactly “well off,” and that the clothes I wanted to sport out were pretty expensive for us. However, now that we’re pretty much “well off” and could buy something trendy, as an adult, I don’t really care anymore LOL.

My eyes light up though whenever I see some shiny gadget, especially if they involved computers and gaming. Self-proclaimed nerdette here. :D

Glad you had a wonderful time with your parents visiting. For me, even though some would disagree, just spending time with the parents is one of the best times I would cherish. Because, after all, we all know that eventually, your parents would no longer be there for you, even at the times that you need them the most. That’s why, it’s important to be with them as much as you can, and I’m glad I’m able to, since I still live with them under the same roof. My other siblings aren’t so lucky, but they’re doing their own thing. I’m doing my own thing too, and whether I decide to move out or not (if that time comes), both of them will support me as much as they supported my siblings who left home for their own paths.

Also, thanks for listening when I talked to you about my dad, seeing that you are aiming for the medical field. I really do appreciate it. And good luck with your new year at uni. ^_^

Posted on October 6th, 2016, at 3:38 AM by Michelle.

Cleaning is such a nuisance, but I’m trying to get back onto it! I’m glad that you don’t have to study right now and got some things done in the meantime! It sounds nice that your parents visited!

I love clothes shopping but it can be pain with my big chest and rump butt (You can laugh :D) but seriously, it’s even about my size or weight anymore, but what can go over my butt and such. Pants are annoying to find and also the length, too~ I am only 4’10 or 147 cm and it’s annoying, and I don’t always have money to get them hemmed. Oh man XD

Posted on October 7th, 2016, at 3:26 AM by Rezina.

Wow! Sounds like you had a busy week!

I also love the look of a clean home–especially after coming home from work. Sadly, I suck at cleaning because I’m too lazy LOL but I agree! It’s worth it at the end to see everything cleaned up.

I love shopping (haha) but like you, I also like simple clothes. I think the trick is just to find out which stores suit you the best!

Posted on October 7th, 2016, at 6:09 AM by Nancy.

There’s no problem with choosing when to post :). I like to do weekly summary posts too!

Sounds like you enjoyed your time with your parents. I love IKEA’s furniture! They’re simple and look really nice. It is interesting to see how your university is divided up into series. It’s good to meet great people at school.

Good luck with everything!

Posted on October 8th, 2016, at 7:03 AM by Elisa.

Ah, the joy of going to IKEA. I never bought anything from IKEA but I loooove going to IKEA, especially buying that coin for the IKEA’s ice cream machine, if you know which one I’m referring to haha. every time i go to IKEA, i imagine all those pretty minimalist white furniture in my future bedroom, preferably a future apartment. I love and yearn to have a minimalist bedroom (simply because it’s also gonna be a nice spot to take photos for my blog, lol) since i don’t like my current bedroom and how it is designed and decorated :))

LOL shopping is fun but only when it comes to BOOKS, at least for me. I don’t mind clothes shopping once in a while but too many weird, “white girls chic” clothes that are either too thin or revealing in stores nowadays that I can’t handle them. like you, I prefer simple and comfortable casual clothes.

I remember the first time I started my university year, I was such a lone wolf. I’d do things alone and not join any groupie / flocks because dramas in college? not gonna happen. I AM happy that I’ve found some close friends NOW because there ARE some awesome people among the mainstream flocks, if that makes any sense. but yeah, I was all alone for a year or two and i didn’t regret it haha

Posted on October 8th, 2016, at 10:03 AM by Kya.

It can be really great to have a clean up and get rid or pass along anything that you no longer need. :D It’s good you were able to see your family and also get some new furniture. :D

Good luck with your studies. <3

Posted on October 9th, 2016, at 8:18 AM by Pauline.

Sounds like a busy week! I’m glad you found time to clean your appartment and have some free time from studying :D Especially medicine which is sometimes so hard and mind gobbling!

Its nice that your family was able to see you too! I enjoyed this weekly post :D Cant wait to read your next one!

Posted on October 9th, 2016, at 2:52 PM by Becca.

It is such a good feeling to be able to clean everything in your house and then go through an organize it all! I love being able to donate old things I don’t use anymore and reorganize all of my office things so I can easily find things. Kudos to you!

What a deal on the furniture! I really need some new pieces but I’m hesitant to even look because of the price tags. It’s encouraging to hear that you found some great furniture for pretty cheap! I bet it will look great once it all comes in!

Girl, I feel ya on the shopping. I don’t really consider myself picky because I just like classic, simple clothing as well, but it is so hard to find clothes like that! And then you think you like it and it doesn’t work on your body…ugh. Shopping can be such a pain. :(