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Cristina did an excellent job on my WordPress theme. I couldn’t be happier. In the beginning, she mention to me that she had an idea on how she wanted to create my WordPress theme. I was looking forward to seeing what Cristina had in mind. Looking back at her previous orders, I knew that it was going to be good. Because of that, I told Cristina how I wanted the WordPress theme to look and left everything else in her hands. When I first saw the WordPress theme, I was amazed. I knew that I was going to like it at the end once she completed it. I like how she designed the header image. It looks really cool and I love the different shades of brown. Overall, it definitely looks like a cafe theme.”

~Brice Nakamura
“Cristina has been a huge help with helping me add some more buttons to my website. I requested 5 buttons and was replied to really quickly and my request was started right away. I was really surprised at the response time. I really liked how I got more than I asked for, and that was really generous! (Who doesn’t like freebies?) ;) The buttons were so cool and adorable and I think that they were designed really well. I’m really satisfied with my order. 10/10 Will order something again. :)”

~Jessica Haynes
“Cristina worked so closely to me so that she could help me achieve the layout that was for me! I appreciate her honesty and her commitment to this project. I’m glad that I commissioned her for my newest layout ^^. She’s wonderful to work with.”

~Michelle Espinoza
“Cristina’s designs are beautifully made. She’s a talented designer in my eyes and keep up the good work. 5 stars I’d give her.”

~Pimolruk Popra