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I am glad that you made it on this page. If it is your first time ordering, I am so happy that you decided to go with me and trust my passion and my skills. If you ordered from me before, I want to tell you that I am flattered that you chose me again.

Before you order

Before you order I want you to know a few things. Consider things as terms of agreement.
1. Your order may take on 7-14 days or less. It depends on the amount of work I have to do on it.
2. I take your order very seriously, so I prefer to talk to you constantly when I am in the process of completing it. I usually talk to my customers on Facebook or via Email. So make sure you add me on Facebook or check your emails frequently.
3. Please give me accurate details about your order. From colors to fonts, images, style. Everything makes easier for me to create something that is suitable for you.
4. I do not want you to be shy or consider that you stress me out. After all you are paying money for your order, so I want you to get exactly what you are paying for. Anything you have to object, tell me. I want you to be fully content with your order.
5. Please send your payment before your order.
6. After we agree that your order is ready and you are content with it, I send it to you, I will not give a refund. If you change your mind before I start working it is OK.


Before completing the form below, please send your payment to my Paypal email:


*Because Paypal charges me with almost $2 – $3/transaction I would like to ask you to choose Send money to friends and family when you’re making the payment. That would help me a lot. Thank you.*

Now it’s time to fill out this form:




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