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Welcome to my store. I want you to know that this is not a store like any other. Here you will not only buy graphics and a design, here you will pay for more. I put all of my love and passion in my work so that you can have exactly what you desire as your final product. And I know more than anybody that in the moment you pour your heart and soul into something, the result will be exceptional.

The Designer

My name is Cristina Cocioaba. I am a young girl who fell in love with digital art when I was only 13 years old. It’s been 10 years since that moment. I love everything about creating a theme and a design: that one second when you have an amazing idea for a design, the process of choosing fonts, colors, images. The process is amazing, and every single time I am challenging myself to be better, to create something best, so be sure about the fact that you will get my best creation when you order for me. I strive for perfection and I am always one step closer to achieve it. I care about people, I care about giving my best to them. The moment you receive an email from people telling you that they are very content with your work, that is the moment when you know all that hard work payed off. That is happiness. So yes, I aspire to create for you the best work I’ve ever done, to create something you will be happy and proud of, something worth your waiting. If you want to find out more about my designing process, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

What I know

I have long experience with CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress and responsive CSS coding. I can code anything you want related to your website theme and integrate them into your original code, or I can crate an WordPress theme from scratch and add the features you want in them.

Also I can be consulted about your website: for example you are not content with something on your website and you need help with it or you need help with your coding and you have some questions, I can help you by answering your questions, giving you some tips and also trying to teach you some basic things.

If you are new to websites and you want to set up a blog with a few pages, I can help you with everything and all you have to do after is to write. I can also do long term maintenance for your website and add new features as you need them.

I create all sort of graphics. I can do a great work with anything from abstract photo manipulation to working with vector and anime pictures. I can create graphics for your social media accounts and why not edit pictures of you. I also create icons, website buttons, vectors, logos etc. TOP ↑