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Posted on: September 25th, 2016, in Life, School, Website.
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Hey. Oh it’s so good to be back. I am glad exams are over and I got some time to update and work on this website. So my exams are over. Everything went well. I managed to raise my grade in Pharmacology from seven to nine and in Semiology from wight to nine. With these grades my average went from 8.55 to 8.98 out of 10. I think it’s enough to get ranked in the first 506 people from my year (so I don’t have to pay my tuition for the next year). I am glad that everything went well, because with everything that’s been going on with my health, it’s been so hard for me to study and to focus on the material I was studying. It’s been like hell and the only thing I wanted to do was to give up. I am glad that is over and now I can focus on something else.

The bad thing in that my throat pain came back. A few days ago it started again, even if I took antibiotics two weeks ago. I went Friday morning to a laboratory to get some tests and I will get the results in 4-5 days. Until then I just have to drink hot tea and take some non-prescription drug. I can’t wait to take a treatment and all of this to be gone. The good thing is that besides my throat hurting, I don’t have any fever or anything else. On the other hand, I took the subway and I wasn’t afraid anymore. I had that anxiety that my panic attack will start again, but I was fine. I am glad, because I was so scared to go with the subway and I avoided it as long as I could. But in the mornings with my exams, I wasn’t able to find a cab (in Bucharest it is impossible to find cab between 7 am and 10 am) and obviously I had to get to my University in some way, so I was forced to take the subway. I am so happy. You should’ve seen me when I got off. I was smiling and almost dancing because of the happiness I felt.

Since I don’t have anything else to do, now what? Well my plans for the next week (until school starts on October 3rd) are:
Cleaning my apartment – and with this I mean massive cleaning. I already finished the bedroom and organized a few drawers in the kitchen. I have a lot left to do and I want to get it done in 2-3 days.
Work on this website – I have a lot of resources and tutorials in my mind but I have to find the time to do it. Also in the future I want to open new sections for this website. Maybe hosting, listings or a forum. I will think about it.
Take care of myself – I want to have a little time for myself. Just relax and take care of me, because after what I’ve been through this month I can’t afford to be doing things constantly. I am tired, I am still scared for my health and my stress level were really high with my exams, because I was afraid that my parent would have to pay 2000 euros for my tuition.
Go out with my friends – Since everybody had exams to take, we didn’t really seen each other. I want to call some people and meet up with them next week, because I miss them and it would be nice to just relax and chat.
Create a plan – I want to create a plan for myself for the school year that is about to start. I want to do more volunteering, also try to get higher grades because I don’t want to go to retake exams in the fall anymore and also I want to plan some time for myself.
Do some reading – I miss reading, a lot. I want to read one book this week. I have a lot of books I haven’t read yet.
Work on a new project – Me and Jamie will start a new project together. I think you will like it. Jamie already started working on it but since I had my exams I wasn’t able to focus on that. I can’t wait for you to see it.

As you can see I have a new layout. I wanted it to be simple and colorful. I chose shades of pink, because it’s girly and happy. I also wanted to include in my layout quotes. I’ve been wanting to do that from a long time, but I didn’t had a perfect spot for it. I opened comments on most of the pages, now you can comment there. I installed BellaBuzz which is a Q&A script. I thought that if you have any questions for me you can ask them there and also others can see the answers. Click on the image to go to the page.

I added social share icons, now if you want to distribute any of my content you can do it with only one click. Also I added a blockquote at the beginning of the blog posts. I thought it would make things more interesting. I will list there some random stuff also my latest updates and some blog plugs. I think it looks good.

Also a few weeks ago I worked on a new project. A theme for Brice. It looks amazing on Brice’s website. Click on the image to go to the portfolio page:

Feel free to order anything, anytime. I can’t wait to start working again. I missed it a lot.

My plan for the future is to learn how to do responsive themes, because I understand how technology evolved and I want this website and all the themes I create to be responsive for any device. If you have any tutorials or articles regarding this problem, don’t hesitate to tell me. I really want to figure out how I can do it. It’s time for me to evolve regarding my coding.

Last but not least, I have to announce my domain contest winners. Here they are:

Thank you all for entering my contest and I will hold another one soon. I will email the winners so they can choose their prize.

I hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day and take care of yourself. Kisses.

Hi Cristina! Oh, thank you for stopping by my blog! (I plan on changing themes soon but haven’t had the time to do so XD) I feel honored. ^_^

Beautiful new theme you’ve got! (and beautiful site altogether, of course!) On my creatives journal/blog (, I do plan on writing a tutorial on responsive web design, but I haven’t had the time to do any form of tutorials (I haven’t even finished on my first “LBP” (Let’s Build Project) because, like you, of real life. (ruby on rails class, work, bro’s wedding, Dad’s ailment, etc.) But, I will get to it soon!

And now that we’re on that subject, RWD works by learning CSS media queries, breakpoints, and the latest “trend” in CSS3: flexbox layouts. For the time being, this is pretty comprehensive for RWD tutorial –

In my opinion though, the easiest, fastest way to build a RWD website is using a CSS framework like Bootstrap (I prefer Foundation and Materialize, but there are plenty of frameworks out there). You don’t really need to set up your media queries on CSS, as the framework default codes are already set for you in the beginning. You can also use this ( if you want to generate your own layout without messing with CSS media queries.

Sounds like you’ve got future plans that you look forward to. Good luck with everything, and don’t hesitate to bug me if you need any further help. (sorry for posting too many links on this comment LOL) ^^

Posted on September 25th, 2016, at 12:25 PM by Maroon Caludin.

Congrats on doing so well! Though boo to the throat. I hate throat issues. I tend to get em a lot myself.

New layout looks great!

Posted on September 25th, 2016, at 2:00 PM by Lucien.

OMG, The new look’s AWESOME!!! I love the colors, the menu, the header (logo?)…I love all of it. :D

Thank you for your comment on my blog FlyHigh.
I too am thinking to abandon the old subdomain, exactly for the reason you say – I have another domain on that host and am looking to move it to IceGlow – but I’m leaning more toward the 2nd choice of starting fresh with a new name, because after 2 years of using it the name FlyHigh has tired me a bit.

Holy cow, I won the domain contest! I WON!!! WOOOO!!! :D :D
Thank you, I’m really excited; I can’t wait for your email to know what domain I won. Thank you again for awarding me. :)

Posted on September 26th, 2016, at 4:32 PM by Brice.

I like the new layout. You did a great job on it.

I have two midterms coming up. I’m hoping it’s simple and not too brutal. If it’s an essay, then it’s all good. I rather do essays then answer questions.

Sorry to hear about your throat pain. I hope you feel better. A cup of tea with lemon and honey should do the trick. There’s different throat teas that could help you as well. I found them at a local health food store. They might have it at a regular store too.

Thanks again for the layout. I love it.