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Posted on: August 18th, 2016, in Life, Volunteering, Website.

This summer so far was amazing. I did so many things, I just wanted to do things, to take a chance every single time I had the opportunity. It has been so good so far. I also am thinking abut the future and I have so many projects in my mind and I am really thinking about starting them. The truth is that I am scared, because I don’t know if I can manage to do everything I have in mind and I just don’t want to mess everything up. Maybe it’s just a matter of confidence, maybe I don’t believe in myself enough.

Also I have met a lot of amazing people this summer. Some of them I am going to see again and others I won’t. I learned so many things from them and it makes me really happy because I always liked being surrounded by a lot of people. But I am also worried. I kind of feel lonely and for me doing a lot of things and meeting other people and keeping myself busy is like a coping mechanism. If I have other things in my mind I don’t get the time to think about myself. I am scared that at some point I am going to get overwhelmed by all the work but on the other side I am afraid that if I stop, I am going to be overwhelmed by my feelings and I am going to feel lonely again. Maybe I should just face my feelings and try to cope with them, but I not exactly ready for that. I know myself and it’s not going to go well.

I just wanted to get my worries out, I hope is not a burden for you. Today I started getting the documents for starting taking driving lessons. I’ve been putting it off for so long so I decided that I have to start, because if I don’t take action now, it might never happen. It’s been on my head for years so I just want to get it over with. Tomorrow I am going to file my application and I start the courses on Monday. I don’t know when I will be taking my exams. I only know that I am going to take the driving exam in my hometown because it is easier for me. Bucharest is a really big city and I don’t know the streets so I am going to take my exam at home. I grew up there so I guess is going to be easier for me.

Also next week is the last week I get to spend with the foreign students that are visiting our country so I am going to do more volunteering work with them. After that I am going to start studying for my exams cause I have to go and raise my grades at the end of September.

Also I plan on doing a new theme for the website and trying to add more content for you guys so stay tuned. I still have a lot of work to do for this website and lately I’ve been neglecting it because I was visiting my parents and I decided not to worry about the website or anything else while I at home and just enjoy my stay there.

Talk to you soon. Kisses.

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Honestly, I envy you for having such an amazing summer. Mine was rather depressing (and still is) and I feel like I’m not making enough of an effort to find new friends.
Good luck with your driving lessons haha I need to start taking some as well but I’m too poor for that lmao