Part 4: single.php

As I said before, this file get’s you blog post on the comments section. It’s exactly like the index.php file. So let’s see. Take a look on the file to see the whole file: single.txt

Now just observe. You can see that we have the code that gets you the header, the in section 3 you have the code that gets your post, after that the title, the content etc. I’d like you to compare this with index.txt and see the differences.

1. You don’t have the comments link anymore, because you will have the comments section below, so again, there is no point for it.

2. You don’t have the codes for post pagination or the codes for Older Entries/ Newer Entries.

The rest is exactly as the index.php page. I really want you to compare these two files and see the differences yourself, because it will give you a better idea about what every code does.