So this was the tutorial. I tried to explain it as simple as possible. I didn’t wanted to get you into details, and some things are really complicated, including for me. So, I hope you did understand it, I advise you to try making a theme on your own. Just work with the codes, try new things, because this is the only way you will learn.

I am sorry if the tutorial was poor written, it took me a long time to write it and I was writing it in pieces. So if you don’t understand something or I made some mistakes in the tutorials please contact me and tell me about it. I want to correct my mistakes and also I want for you to really understand everything I tried to explain. Maybe I can find another way to explain something to you, so you can undertsand it better.

You are allowed to copy the codes, if you want to, but you have to remove all the additional writing I did and also you have to come up with your own style.css. Maybe you could find some css templates made for wordpress and then you can modify those. Or maybe I can make some if you want. If you do, tell me here and I will find time to make them. It shouldn’t take me long.

Remember the important things in this tutorial and be really careful with the div tags. They mess up everything at the smallest mistake. Also, remember not to modify codes, only a few can be modified. You’ll get a syntax error if you mess up with one function code.

I think that’s all, I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know if it helped you. Also, let me know if you want me to do another wordpress tutorials, or maybe you’d like to request any tutorial. if you want, tell me here.