Simple header

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a simple header image for your website. This tutorial does not require advanced Photoshop skills. I will guide you through all the steps so everyone can understand how to create the shapes and the shadows in this header image.

First, we begin by creating an 800×500 image. We do this by going to: File » New . A new window will pop up and we will introduce the dimensions of our new image: width of 800px and height of 500px.

You will get a blank image. Now we are going to fill it with a gradient formed of two colors. So, first we’ll choose the colors. I will go for #370510 and #e81c94. If you want to use the same colors, click on the color boxes, and then introduce these color codes in the field marked in the photo below.

Now we are going to use the gradient tool (I put a photo below on how to select the gradient tool. You just have to hold your cursor on the paint bucket tool and the menu will appear) to create the background. I am going to make the gradient vertical (you choose a point at the top of the image and then you drag it vertically down). It should look like this:

And we’ve got something like this:

Now we are going to take the rectangular marquee tool and we are going to select the upper part of the image, something like this:

Take the brush tool, and make your settings like in this picture (you should select any of the circles and modify the values for the brush. After that choose the white color for the brush and then create a new layer. We are going to put some white color in the middle of the picture, inside the selection we made before.

We should get this:

Deselect the image by pressing ctrl + D. Next, we are going to change the layer blending mode. So go to the layers box, and where it says Normal drop down the menu and choose Overlay. (You should have the layer selected).

Now we are going to add some glowing spots on our layout. Create a new layer, and then select the brush tool and press this button.

A menu will appear. The settings are the following:

Now we are going to add some glowing spots on our image. You can get as creative as you want. This is what I did:

After that we are going to change the blending options for this layer too. Choose Overlay from the menu.

It’s time for some strokes. I want to design a simple pattern of curved lines. So first of all, I am going to create a new layer. After that, I need to go to the paint brush and change the settings. Select the second brush and set the size of 2px and hardness of 87%. Also, I am going to choose a dark color for it. I went for this color #430318.

Now we’re going to select pen tool and draw a like like this one:

After we drew the line, right click the image and choose stroke path. A box will appear and you must select Brush. Now you have your curved line.

After this I am going to copy paste the lines for like 5-6 times. In order to copy the layer you have to use some combinations of keyboard buttons: select the layer content using ctrl + a, after that press ctrl + c (to copy) and after that press ctrl + v (to paste). After every line is copied I move it up so I can get the shape I want.

Now we are going to bring all these layers in one. Go to your layer panel and select all the layers that have lines in them, after that right click and choose merge layers. Now choose eraser tool, make the settings like in this picture and slowly erase the margins of your lines. Then set the layer blending mode to Overlay.

It’s time for the text. I am going to add a big text first, in the background. The font I am using is Full moon on mars. So I going to select the text tool (it looks like a T) and set it’s size to 100pt. The color I want for it is white. I am setting the blending options to Overlay and the opacity to 50%. Mine looks like this:

Now, I want to add some more color before I type the text that will come in front. So I am choosing brush tool again, and set it like this: hardness 0 and size around 250px and then I add some different colored brushes on the layout. You can choose whatever colors you want. Remember to create a new layer before all this.

After that I just set the blending option to overlay and that’s it. It’s time for the second title. I chose the text tool again and I am writing my website name with the same font, but with the font size of 90 pt and a dark color.

Right click on the text layer and choose Layer Properties, go to outer glow and set it up like this.

Now we are going to add some final touch on the text. Choose pen tool and draw some shapes over the text. They don’t have to be something specific:

Now right click on the image and choose from the menu Make selection. After that, create a new layer, take your paint brush and put some white color on the edges of the selection right over the text:

After that you just deselect and choose the blending option Soft Light. You can repeat this step with different shapes if you like. I chose to repeat this step:

These are the essential steps to do a simple and an amazing header image. This is my result, and I also added one more version in which I added more glow points and overlay colors. I hope you found this tutorial useful. Remember, you can get as creative as you want. You don’t have to use the same colors, shapes or fonts. It’s your art, customize it as you like.