Text Graphic

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make a simple but amazing text graphic. Create a new document of 900x500px. Now choose the text tool and write your text in the middle of the new document. Make sure the font it’s bold and big, somewhere around 120pt. Here is mine:

Now we have to add a photo over our text. I am going to use this image:

We are going to open this image in photoshop, the press Ctrl+A to select the whole picture, then go to our text image and click Ctrl+V. Now right click on the layer with the image in it and select Create Clipping Mask. This is how you get:

We will move the picture around until we get it where we want. Press Ctrl+T to modify the picture size. If you keep Shift pressed and you drag the picture from corners it will keep it’s proportions. SO make the picture smaller, move it around, until you like the result.

The next step is to add some brushes. Download THESE BRUSHES install them in photoshop, and then let’s use them on our graphic. No go to the text type layer, right click on it and choose Rasterize Layer. Now choose the brush tool and start adding some brushes (you can make the design as you like). Here is how I added mine:

Now, right click the text and brushes layer and choose Blending Options. Let’s add a little bit of shadow.

Then choose the background layer, right click on it and choose layer from background and then right click on it and go to blending options and choose gradient overlay. These are my settings:

This is how it looks like:

Right click on one of the layers, select Flatten Image and the go to Image»Adjustments»Curves. Make the settings like this:

So for each channel the settings are:
RGB: Input-66 and Output-78;
Red:Input-188 and Output-211;
Blue:Input-203 and Output-193;

This is my result: