10 quotes I love

Posted on: February 22nd, 2017, in 10 Things.

There is no secret that I love quotes (in my past layouts I had quotes rotation in my headers). I spend a lot of time on Pinterest searching for quotes and I end up saving a lot of them. Also I have a notebook since I was in high school where I periodically write down my favorite quotes. Probably when I finish that notebook I will buy another one. I am thinking about buying a better looking one and just transfer my quotes from the old one to the new one. The problem is that I am attached to that specific, ugly notebook. Yeah, I get attached of material things because they are part of my history and it’s hard or me to let go. I like quotes because there are a few lines of other people’s opinions there. You can identify with them, you can find something you were…

5 TV Shows You Must Watch

Posted on: October 19th, 2016, in 10 Things.

I am sorry for not bringing up any updates or anything, but it’s been a pretty busy period for me and also it was hard to accomodate with the new schedule. Also I am still trying to repair my computers and inatall all my programs again I will tell you more avout it at the end of the week. Lately I haven’t had much time to watch TV-Shows but there are some good ones I managed to see. Here they are. House of Cards As I told you before, I am passionate about politics and always curious about how it works. House of cards is an amazing TV show about politics, manipulation, fight for power and everything people are willing to scarifice and all the bad things they’re willong to do. I loved the relationship between the main characters and all the unexpected things that happen there. I totally recommend…

10 things about me

Posted on: September 30th, 2016, in 10 Things.

Feeling: Very Happy Listening To: James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go Last Blog Read: Brice’s Blog Go Visit: Amanda, Lucien. Latest Updates: Shatter Effect Graphic Tutorial, 1 Responsive WP Theme. Today’s Quote: Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary. Remember how I was telling you I wanted to do some blog series, I figured out the days I am going to post and everything. I am still not sure about what to blog about, but I have a few ideas. I decided that every two weeks I am going to do a blog called “10 Things” in the days of Friday. Today I am going to tell you 10 things about me. They are random facts and I am going to say a few words about every single one of them. 1. I like watching romantic comedies even if some of them are such a cliche….